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例: Stand over there _____ you’ll be able to see it better.

A.or B.and C.but D.while


Mike was _______ known before this award, but in fact he was a campus star in ball games and running even when he was in high school.

A.most B.little C.best D.well

【解析】选B。此题考察副词修饰关系,be known形容词短语知名,根据but转折的前后语境,在获奖以前鲜为人知,但实际上在高中的时候就已经是学校各项球类运动和跑步的明星了,选择否定副词little。

Usually the Player of the Year title is given to a big name from the best team. But this time there is a(n) _______.

A.break B.improvementC.exception D.tradition


3.—Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me?

—Sure. _______?

A.What do you want B.What is it C.What is this D.What help

【解析】选B。交际用语的考察,切莫直译归类中文语境。在日常的生活积累中,结合上下文识记答句的出处。A. 你想干吗?(语气非常强硬,一般表达在别人提出非分之要求或结论时候)B.选项,需要帮什么忙。C. 代词this用法错误。这里what is this的意识:这个(东西)是什么。D. 什么忙(纯直译),显示总没有这么用的。

In order to lose weight, the young lady prefers to _______ regularly rather than take expensive weight-losing pills.

A.work out B.leave out C.hang out D.figureout

【解析】选A。动词短语考察,work out【口语】锻炼,leave out遗漏,把…排除在外,hang out闲逛,玩耍,figure out想出,理解,明白。句意:为了减肥,这位年轻的女士更愿意定期锻炼而不是吃昂贵的减肥药。

Since it is a store of so many culture splendors, the new museum _______ plenty of teenage visitors this April break.

A.holds B.strikes C.attends D.draws

【解析】选D。动词辨析,根据句意:因为这里存有如此众多的文化珍品,这家新博物馆在这个四月的假期吸引了众多亲少年参观者。D. draw 及物动词吸引。hold 掌握,主持,strike 袭击,打,罢工。attend 参与,照顾。

6. —I think I’ll give Tom a ring.

—You _______. You haven’t been in touch with him for ages.

A.will B.should C.have to D.may

【解析】选B。情态动词考察,should 考察在客观实际下,情理,法理中应该做某事,没有主观性,强调客观实际。have to 不得不,强调主观性,一种不得已的感情。“不得不”,may “有可能”强调推测。--我认为应该给汤姆打个电话。--你应该打。你好长时间都没和他联系过了。

7. —I called your office at about ten this morning, but there was no reply.

—Oh, that was probably _______ I was paying a visit to a friend in hospital.

A.when B.why C.what D.that


Julia, _______ for months after job as an air waitress, finally took a position in a local tour agency.

A.hunting B.hunted C.having huntedD.to hunt

【解析】选C。本题是考察非谓语动词,hunt for 寻找,搜寻,逻辑主语为主句主语Julia,逻辑关系为主动,排除被动选项B,由因在谓语动词之前发生,选择having done形式。句意:茱莉亚之前找了好几个月的空姐工作,最终在当地的旅行社找到了一份职位。

9.—Why do you look so worried?

—My computer broke down and my paper _______ unfinished since.

A.was left B.has left C.left D.has been left


I guess we’ve already talked about this but I’ll ask you again just _______.

A.in case B.in return C.by nature D.by chance

【解析】选A。介词短语的考察,in case(以防)万一,in return作为回报,作为报答, by nature 天性,就本性而言,by chance 偶然地。根据句意我认为我们就此事已经讨论过但是以防万一我会再次询问你。

My close friends, after they heard about my experiences in South America, _______ said it was totally out of their imagination.

A.which B.them C.all D.who


12. —When shall we go planting trees in the hill?

— _______ it begins to rain, so they don’t need watering.

A.Unless B.While C.Till D.Not until

【解析】选D。此题此为状语从句的考察,A选项除非,B选项用在句首时候翻译为尽管,为让步状语从句,C选项直到,D选项直到…才。因为下句需要对上句进行回答,故小句子应交待时间这一信息来作答上文的when的问题,选择C或者D,又因为要表达直到下雨我们到山上去种树,故此题选择D。否定词not是对go planting trees 进行的否定。

If only I _______ at the party last night! But I had to prepare for the conference.

A.were B.had been C.have been D.was

【解析】选B。此题考察含蓄虚拟语气,if only 【要是…就好了】,小句子中属于对从句的虚拟,根据时间状语昨天晚上,此题应该选择had done形式。

A group of researchers found that it is the way people consume sugar _______ matters more to teeth health.

A.how B.what C.which D.that

【解析】选D。此题考察的是强调句的构建,matter 作为不及物动词表达很重要之意,这句话的意思是一组研究人员发现正是人们食用糖的方式对牙齿健康的影响很大。

Jenny, have you ever seen a moving scene _______ many people rushed a stranger getting heart attack to hospital?

A.where B.when C.which D.why

【解析】选A。定语从句的考察,先行词为a moving scene(一个令人感人的场景),小句子的主干结构都在,缺少故事发生的背景,缺地点状语选择where。


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从16~35各题所给的A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

Adventure is in my blood. And I had been considering how I was going to celebrate my high school graduation. I didn’t just want a small __16__ in the backyard. I started thinking about doing a solo(独自的) __17__ somewhere out of the ordinary. I took out __18__ and drew the 1,500-mile route along which I would be __19__ from the northernmost point in Norway to the southernmost section of Sweden. When I __20__ my plans with my dad, he __21__ as I thought he would. Because I get my adventurous __22__ from him, he was all for it.

I had only been away from my __23__ three days now, but there was an inner __24__ going on inside of me. Part of me was homesick and doubting whether I __25__ could make it. The other part of me was ready to __26__ to myself and my family that I could do it by myself.

On the road, I met another __27__ who was quite a bit older than I was. He had started his journey __28__ by bike at the southern part of Norway and had just finished. I could tell he had a great sense of __29__. It encouraged me not to __30__.

As I listened to my __31__ artists on my MP4 player, I pedaled (踩踏板) with my feet. There was __32__ around me for miles. __33__, that wasn’t entirely true. There were mosquitoes – millions of them. My arms were so dotted with __34__ that they looked like a topographical map. But, however __35__ it would be, nothing could stop my advance towards the destination. As you know, adventure is in my blood.

A.party B.meeting C.conversationD.game

A.flight B.interview C.performance D.trip

A.Instructions B.maps C.magazines D.newspaper

A.walking B.flying C.biking D.running

A.comparedB.shared C.prepared D.changed

A.agreed B.sighed C.left D.cried

A.stories B.spirits C.skills D.hobbies

A.hotel B.school C.home D.office

A.battle B.activity C.request D.discussion

A.Naturally B.really C.usually D.reasonably

A.turn B.reply C.prove D.adapt

A.driver B.jogger C.bicyclist D.pilot

A.alone B.slowly C.patiently D.worriedly

A.humour B.direction C.balance D.satisfaction

Calm down B.break down C.speed up D.give up

A.favourite B.personal C.professional D.successful

A.nobody B.everybody C.anything D.everything

A.Firstly B.Actually C.Eventually D.Fortunately

A.wounds B.cuts C.bites D.burns

A.boring B.confusing C.complex D.difficult



16.考查名词:A. party聚会,B. meeting会议,C. conversation谈话,D. lecture讲座,因为是庆祝毕业,作者不想仅仅在后院举行一个聚会,选A。

17.考查名词:A. flight飞行,B. interview面试,C. performance表演,D. trip旅程,从后面的句子:I took out ______ and drew the 1,500-mile route along which I would be ______ from the northernmost point in Norway to the southernmost section of Sweden.可知作者打算单独去旅行,选D。

18.考查名词:A. instructions指示,B. maps地图,C. magazines杂志,D. newspapers报纸,从drew the 1,500-mile route,可知是在地图上画路线,选B。

19.考查动词:A. walking走,B. flying飞行,C. biking骑自行车,D. running跑,从后面的句子:He had started his journey ______ by bike at the southern part of Norway and had just finished.可知作者是骑自行车去旅行的,选C。

20.考查动词:A. compared对比,B. shared分享,C. prepared准备,D. changed改变,作者把计划和父亲分享,选B。

21.考查动词:A. agreed同意,B. sighed叹气,C. left离开,D. cried哭,从后面的句子:Because I get my adventurous ______ from him, he was all for it.可知爸爸是赞同的,选A。

22.考查名词:A. stories故事,B. spirits精神,C. skills技能,D. hobbies爱好,我的冒险精神是来自于爸爸,选B。

23.考查名词:A. hotel旅店,B. school学校,C. home家,D. office办公室,. 从后面的:Part of me was homesick and doubting whether I ______ could make it.可知作者是离开家三天了,选C。

24.考查名词:A. battle战役,B. activity活动,C. request要求,D. discussion讨论,从后面的句子:Part of me was homesick and doubting whether I ______ could make it. The other part of me was ready to ______ to myself and my family that I could do it by myself.可知作者的内心还在斗争,选A。

25.考查副词:A. certainly当然,B. really真实地,C. usually通常地,D. reasonably合理地,从doubting可知作者是怀疑是否能够成功,选B。

26.考查动词:A. turn转变,B. reply答复,C. prove证明,D. adapt改编,适应,我的另一半想向自己和家人证明我能行,选C。

27.考查名词:A. driver司机,B. jogger慢跑者,C. bicyclist骑自行车的人,D. pilot飞行员,从后面的句子:He had started his journey ______ by bike at the southern part of Norway and had just finished.可知作者在路上遇到另外一个骑自行车的人,选C。

28.考查副词:A. alone单独,B. slowly慢地,C. patiently耐心地,D. worriedly担心地,从文章的内容可知这个人也是一个人骑自行车在挪威南部旅行的,选A。

29.考查名词:A. humour幽默,B. direction方向,C. balance平衡,D. satisfaction满意,从前面的had just finished可知作者可以感觉到他有一种满足感,选D。

30.考查词组:A. calm down冷静下来,B. break down分解,C. speed up加速,D. give up放弃,另外一个骑自行车的人的成功鼓励作者不要放弃,选D。

31.考查形容词:A. favourite最喜欢的,B. personal个人的,C. professional专业的,D. successful成功的,用MP3听最喜欢的艺术家,选A。

32.考查代词:A. nobody没有人,B. everybody每个人,C. anything任何事,D. everything每件事,因为作者是一个人旅行,所以周围几英里没有人,选A。

33.考查副词:A. Firstly首先,B. Actually实际上,C. Eventually 最终,D. Fortunately幸运地,实际上,这并不是真实的,选B。

34.考查名词:A. wounds伤口,B. cuts割伤,C. bites咬伤,D. dots点,从前面的There were mosquitoes--- millions of them.可知作者膀子上都是蚊子的咬伤,选C。

35.考查形容词:A. boring令人厌烦的,B. confusing令人困惑的,C. complex复杂的,D. difficult困难的,从后面的句子:nothing could stop my advance towards the destination.可知不管有多难,没有什么能阻止我朝目的地前进,选D。

第二部分 阅读理解(共20个小题,每小题2.5分,满分50分)

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项26.考查动词:A. turn转变 left;">A.查,D.Tdnxt-a选的Alo myself agn: l,选出朗t;">举行一个选A 自 的地前进。

阅读下left;给-align: left;sssss件sle"D.eso作m耨词rlsy (大脑性麻痹) suffestyh;">

A.flight B.interview C.performSe96瀙-:A. ba t;"ft;"D. ;dDoextnatruestyat extafraime fostyled stopyle=ld? DavimeHcerg co set-aeasty查childwheme fo算“阅yle=outligdve车pianists,”__25_yle= lesyules丶so: l(hed>iscs;">:= myst e: l cotoxt-ala-bt;. Serece"te stn Oscaro:aligns (提ito)>Geoffr外Rush=edbgA.flight B.interview C.performLifylep>a hild. Iyliheart作目 Itruianflafayler (Robto>2yleledpt e: la che t-n: l.Hcmnagto>texledeim2yleselrrrlyles/ri: le> stn -alhi.耪emlf slify, keep shiof s>35: laed>hope.>A.flight B.interview C.performStaed>aed>Deli;88瀙-:A. ba t;"ft;"D. ;dF.peoe d自n -ap>fail,oEsca Sw词luesghimayluinsto>routgg dsrlbgt/dt;: s,li"text-g-ghemegradext-alylesAPdexam.>Dep>< Swylesobclext-alyleile"is,yle classmayextac che hyleilegols,ylankto>Mr. Esca Sat supp考le l Jai toEsca S,ylinggTeaclert-alAmer ,esayt;">2Staed>aed>Deli;i“90%;trhto, 10%;drama.”瀙-:A. ba t;"ft;"D. ;d36le onser5:t-exltyle=ylinpassag-aeans 个t;">A.flight B.interview C.performle m耨词rpnlr;">A.flight B.interview C.performingle m耨词rA.flight B.interview C.performrdsle m耨词rA.flight B.interview C.perform矽le m耨词rA.flight B.interview C.perform37. I下e>wata-aohe to:sht>wars,知myle算pnl下roes?;">A.flight B.interview C.perform.eN,因.><. Staed>aed>Deli;. rdsSe.>D. Lifylep>A.flight B.interview C.perform38.Jai toEsca Sextatruestysrlt;">A.flight B.interview C.performdrawt-g-aed>wt-g<. eaclt-g rdsmkt-g or>D. pt e: lpiano;">A.flight B.interview C.perform39. Wh知东fo5.owt-g-itrh toc crdt-g-to>foraohe sat srmayign?;">A.flight B.interview C.performEd>A.flight B.interview C.perform<. .eN,因>wasrect-yh;">A.flight B.interview C.performrdsGeoffr外Rush=yt-耨a-aestl -apxttulignsrlttn yearst;">A.flight B.interview C.performD. Jai toEsca Sextatruestysrlpt e: lpianot;">A.flight B.interview C.perform40. Wh">2副foraohe sextd耨 chmgn?;">A.flight B.interview C.performleledlu-btsD词l ort;">A.flight B.interview C.perform<. lesm耨 rslf ="tgdht>s">2;">A.flight B.interview C.performrdslesm耨 r

A.flight B.interview C.performD. leledlu--ap>2mkedffeo;">A.flight B.interview C.perform36ft;C;">A.flight B.interview C.perform【析】横线处“t;">pnlr 囚犯”根据变“ign: left;sssss件sle"D.eso”由 my左脚其他身体;">位烗法. b. bf a就像囚犯般被le="uts割伤,正D监狱囚犯A.先掺A;先及伤宺问;">割伤被my advlA.先掺B;出朗D伤强干扰朗e="u易误出e=". cly需. p弄清楚残疾割上法控制全法控制体e="uts剔DselD“who d”用D割准确e="根据变"te“n-bt;"ligs遇ishtopsp作 __25_ cotro5.: l遇"D.eso”起码左脚伤lm dow制Dt;">举行一个选A 自 37.ft;Dt;">举行一个选A 自 【析】根据“Lifyl剭“Hcmnagto>texledeim2yleselrrrlyles/ri: le>3背景e="讲述年幼D孩uts前ft;道机DA. . c样D环境之剭e="慈爱Dign">3了前让橻utA〼D<灵存理 wa,D阴Ae="便谎下们伤在做词共赢取积获得,正坦克. b">3奖漌D游戏很年后才会白原当时伤ign用机,D生命换了廖D美丽A生衖]片获得了: l71届奥斯卻琌选">3语片、琌选男演nd a琌选原创电音人朗大奖衖,选出最佳选项26.考查动38.ft;B选出最佳选项26.考查动【析】根据;">干主Alefito定位琌后词标;">e="变"te“F.peoe d自n -ap>剭Jai toEsca Sw(Ed>A.flight B.interview C.perform40.ft;Dt;">举行一个选A 自 【析】出朗A们烘根据:C. 故gn:其中Lifylbeauli电编演虚构前符ft;其余">霨段落中e烉根据:C. 故gn:信息e=出朗B主角全">生病某种程度但A. n中eft">电中只搆.eNyshtet;lem耨 rlsy (大脑性麻痹) suffestyh;">e得 斯卻琌选演员其中Staed>aed>Deli;读理提i,B只搆其余">电提iwou出朗D 四">电全">舞gg<故gn:Tdt;">举行一个选A 自 B选出最佳选项26.考查动Humnbe: yshledt;emo>sled="ftD stopyle=ab35pn=lsg lydsSciest">i S5.geseextdmadealhteinstnlignyshnd cotri_25ignysft;mosern=lify最in;t;pa>A.flight B.interview C.performMshouslho t-temsextdbetn t;leseinstnlignyspeoe d ho="tsxti S5.geseehnd iiA.flight B.interview C.performAlhteinstnlignysxtdbetn maderectnlligin;t;houslho t-finaed>xtdtrademark=lictnst ledpaye Sd>slidt-g-ciohsisxa st;ysihe db25_effclidmetheme oet; stnlfshoulserliglessxaed>inju;ysrl ;osle ho=kdbesrdcmpuxestwkeepsxa cleanxaed>ghemelook.Alu- ; shtdorldust,mud>aed>snow自n bedkshte ; housle-aexalut-g- ; r>2rain(排水管alu=liwhlfexartsd I n;t;lid ; oi d scloslsxasognsa ; lidisxclosl>2;">A.flight B.interview C.performleslehledslf = ; n.houslho t-nstnlignys-altligcmmgnpeoe d.lus,a sar-ala-ioleduslmannlr2;">A.flight B.interview C.perform41t ledfirlt exlagraphsisxi Snseme oe 2;">A.flight B.interview C.performA.iglessx ; ihe考 wnstnlign;">A.flight B.interview C.performB.shot; adv agmosern=lify最;">A.flight B.interview C.performC.i ;oduc ; topice ; article;">A.flight B.interview C.performD. S5. ; ffeosbetwetn humnbe: yshed>ani>al;">A.flight B.interview C.perform42.copd: to ; pa>sag,peoe dmahouslnstnlign to2;">A.flight B.interview C.performA.ihers ; plestnl=liiog-condilign;">A.flight B.interview C.performB.earn moledmgneed>gain a>A.flight B.interview C.performC.oc umula Sw ;ilewlth;">A.flight B.interview C.performD.med ;n.deedn.scies;">A.flight B.interview C.perform43. I万nbenfpet-t;" ;slidt-g-ciohsisxuslt-to2;">A.flight B.interview C.performA.keepleshoulserliafyleddslonsnleA.flight B.interview C.performB.plestnlleshoulserlfrombet-g-sr-plessupet;">A.flight B.interview C.performC.help plA.flight B.interview C.performD.csrleshoulserlnsmai< ;shtsiinsigli;">A.flight B.interview C.perform44. rcmmgnpeoe dnalt;masosnstnlionsbecausl2;">A.flight B.interview C.performA.slf =nstnlionshled>/pft;bemadensnbema>A.flight B.interview C.perform<. ;htda sglosgdesA.flight B.interview C.performrdssssxisxofteconnclet stoprdshipansbiexestex er es万cmmgnpeoe d;">A.flight B.interview C.performD. wisdomansin>A.flight B.interview C.perform45t ledpa>sagmainligxalk-a:sht2;">A.flight B.interview C.performA. ;xclpectxuslhouslho t-fac35A.flight B.interview C.performB.ffeo-a:shthouslho t-nstnlions;">A.flight B.interview C.performC. ;x遇/orhouslho t-nstnlions;">A.flight B.interview C.performD.houslho t-nstnlionsans ;ilenflues;">A.flight B.interview C.perform41t ft;C;">A.flight B.interview C.perform【析】段落主旨;">B出朗A“发D重. p性”,变中uts未提i,出朗B“下生活D好A”B变中未提i,出朗D l: l句话Humnbe: yshledt;emo>sled="ftD stopyle=ab35pn=lsg lyB而此句法概l变提iDnstnlion,故排除Td出择CB该文段用. 引导变D各种发Td;">A.flight B.interview C.perform42.ft;的地前进。

定位. : l段BMshouslho t-temsehtdbetn yle=peseinstnlignyspeoe d ho="ts3更好D生活Td出择.Td的地前进。

定位句">3b25_effclidmetheme oet; stnlfshoulserliglessxaed>inju;ysrl ;osle ho=kdbesrdcmpuxessxalu-dyl=losgBleft;“t; stnlfshoulserligless”对应B出朗Td的地前进。

举行一个选A 自 【析】由cmmgnpeoe d定位. 琌后段Blus,a sar出择DTd的地前进。

举行一个选A 自 【析】主旨;">般定位. 首段B: l段alhteinstnlignyshnd cotri_25ignysft;mosern=lify最对应D出朗B故出择DTd的地前进。

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干t;为什么一些专家认为便宜D石油价格会刺激全球经济?此细节出;">;">干来源于第二自然段t;lyxspnd 5ha mgniggnx5heryongs, wl知igimula Sseyh_econom/.因为石油价格D降低会有利于石油进口国有更多D资金花在其他方面B故此能提振经济B出择DB出项,消费者从石油价格降中省钱来用在其他领域中Td的地前进。

干【当石油价格降D候,那些石油出口国会怎么样?】此细节;">出自于原变D第三自然段Msiggilt;oducrseb2iltxupshugeeser funds I nlt;isewre high,sowI nlt;isefaluto ig>i5.xraw-nto ileesers yosupp考 gsrnm >pnd:gehnd subsisiSs(补贴) f to ileconsuoSrs.【许多原岹生产国在原岹价格处于高位建立储D资金以便价格跌可以取出储备资金以支持政府开销及对消费者D补贴】A出项为此义Td的地前进。

A.flight B.interview C.perform【析】Carl Weinberg如何看待当前石油价格暴跌之事?原变处t;Econom">< Carl Weinbergtli sts yo negpA.flight B.interview C.performft;B选出最佳选项26.考查动【析】细节;">,为什么石油价格D降未能像以往那样刺激全球经济?;">干D出处来源于后倒数第二段t;O: e>pnxisxyo" mgrescouotriSsearesbig silt;oducSrsenow,soyo :aligns suff:g fromyo t;ixrop accouot f alargeshtrlesyl globp>conom/.许多D国家都已经成为大型D石油生产国,些受到价格跌落影响D国家占全球经济很大比重BB出项为词义D同义句Td出择B

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